Friday, June 17, 2016

Various Adjustments

12 Ramadhan 1437


I've reached that point at which I can claim to have adjusted to the fast. I'm no longer prone to triggers that make me desirous of a routine cup of a tea because the routine has been broken. I feel like I've been doing this forever. The afternoon headaches are a thing of the past - though breaking the fast remains a fulfilling moment in the new routine that's been established. But I continue to feel more tired than usual, a fact I put down to not having to go into work. I think a major recharging of batteries is on-going, and would have been even if I were not fasting.

Big contrast going to Prayers today compared to this time last week. On my last walk to the mosque I enjoyed the heat of the day, and the cooling effect of entry into the praying area. Today the sky was overcast and it began raining heavily about five minutes after my arrival. Unusually I actually felt uncomfortably cold during prayers. This mosque is the only one I know outside Saudi Arabia with air-conditioning and it seems that someone thought it was going to be a super-hot day and had set the system accordingly. I'm so used to Friday Prayers as a time of cosy warmth shading into slightly uncomfortable sweatiness that today's brisk chill came as a wake-up call (almost literally - I enjoyed none of the usual slight buzzing drowsiness I've come to associate with the occasion.)

I suppose I need to further adjust to England doing reasonably well in the Euros. Nice to see them actually still pushing for the goal at the end and looking to unorthodox ways of getting it.

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