Friday, June 10, 2016

A Hot One

5 Ramadhan 1437

Walking down the road to the mosque for Friday Prayers some time after noon today, I realised that it's hotter here in KL than in Singapore, or at least it seems so. Gave some thought to those who are fasting whose circumstances mean they need to be out in the sun to earn a living. I managed to feel exhausted just accompanying Noi to the supermarket and lazing about reading, and was even more thankful than usual to break the fast.

Funnily enough fasting yesterday seemed oddly easy, driving up. The only difficulty I had was staying awake in the middle of the journey when I found myself yawning excessively, but that eased once beyond Melaka. I suppose the fact that I very rarely eat or drink in the car meant there was nothing to trigger the desire to have a cup of tea. An increased awareness of just how much one's behaviour is determined by all sorts of almost unconscious triggers is one of the benefits of the month.

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