Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Lazy One

6 Ramadhan 1437


Other than making the effort needed to drive up and settle in here on Thursday the early days of this year's Ramadhan have been characterised so far by a splendid lethargy. Fortunately this is allowed in the terms of the fast, though certainly not encouraged. I keep telling myself it's all part of re-charging the batteries. If so, mine should be back to 100% by now.


Bad timing for the games from Europe. Just watched Gareth Bale score for Wales against Slovakia and wouldn't mind watching the whole game, but it's way too late. The England game starts in the middle of night, Malaysian time, so I'll watch the highlights some time tomorrow. Worrying that the pundits on Astro are tipping England as contenders for winning the tournament. Probably the kiss of doom.

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