Thursday, June 9, 2016

Moving On

4 Ramadhan 1437


Heading up to the Malaysian capital today, and hoping to get there in time to break the fast. Tiresome journey ahead. Another useful test.


Broke the fast in the car with a date, but arrived at Maison KL soon after. Would have made it comfortably if not for big jams in KL straight after Sungai Besi, following quite an easy journey north. We didn't expect the wall to wall traffic. Not sure if this is a feature of evenings in Ramadhan here. Expect we'll find out.

Now we're settled in following heroic efforts on the cleaning front by Noi. I feel a bit guilty about the number of lizards our traps have eliminated over the two months or so of our absence from these premises. Suppose it's their fault though, for assuming the place belongs to them.

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