Wednesday, June 8, 2016


3 Ramadhan 1437


Felt exhausted in the early afternoon despite doing almost nothing all day. It's strange to observe what a lack of normal sustenance does to the body and, more particularly, the mind. Now I'm feeling the ease that comes after breaking the fast, almost as if inhabiting an entirely different body. A slight shift in circumstances is all that's required to make for a huge change not just in perspectives but actual perceptions. We are more at the mercy of ourselves and our routines than we realise.

Noi has just been talking about some of the visits she was involved in today to meet needy families asking for assistance from the mosque. I'm not at all sure I could cope with the difficulties these folks face. Good to know they're getting help from somewhere. I suppose this is the best way of all to have an out of body experience: recognising the reality of the bodies of others and their multifarious needs and demands.

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