Monday, June 27, 2016

The Long And The Light

22 Ramadhan 1437

Today was my first day of fasting while at work this year - and a reminder of how time seems to slow down in fasting month. This is not so much because waiting to eat and drink slows things down as the fact that the day begins at 5.00 am for sahur and not having to eat or drink during the day means there's a lot of time for everything else. It's a curiously freeing effect.

I weighed myself after getting back from work, suspecting that I was somewhat lighter than usual (my jeans are hanging loosely upon me) and found I'm now well under my fighting weight. This feels healthy, but short term. I have no doubt I'll put the weight back on, but I am wondering if I'll go any lower. I don't think I've been this light since I was sixteen.

Time was when there were lots of articles about the benefits in terms of health related to fasting ahead of, or during, Ramadhan. There don't seem to be so many these days - possibly because the benefits are now easily recognised. As with so many things related to fasting month, there's a curious paradox here. Wouldn't you think regular periods of forced deprivation, even quite brief ones, might be damaging? But no, that's simply and wonderfully not the case.

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