Friday, June 24, 2016


19 Ramadhan 1437

What a difference a few hours makes. I went to bed after watching a bit of the news concerning the end of polling in the EU Referendum back in the UK. The general feeling seemed to be that the Remain camp would edge it. I wake-up to find it's almost certain that Britain is out of Europe, whatever that means.

That's the striking thing here. No one seems to know what the decision to leave (assuming that's the way things end up, and it looks increasingly likely) means in terms of the realities of political and daily life. As I write the value of the pound is dropping, though whether that's more than just a temporary blip isn't for sure, because nothing's for sure. I must say I'm a bit worried, but then I always am, so that doesn't mean a lot.

Noi says, I hope it all works out. Which sounds like the best that can be said in any circumstances.

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