Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Down And Out

23 Ramadhan 1437

Sidling by my desk early this morning Moghan noted: Losing to Iceland must be even more humiliating for you than Brexit! He had a point. Fortunately I avoided watching the loss to Iceland by cunningly not arranging to get coverage of the Euros through our service providers here in Singapore on the grounds it cost too much (whereas it's free in Malaysia.) I had a bad feeling about the game and suspected my more intense interest in the competition might terminate at this point. Judging from what I've read about the game, watching it would probably be nigh on unbearable given the lousy performance of my countrymen. (I've seen the goals from Iceland and they were painful enough on their own, especially the Joe Hart fumble.)

Though I must say, I rather think I might enjoy watching Iceland do so well. A bit like watching Leicester win the league.

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