Monday, June 20, 2016

The First Half

15 Ramadhan 1437

Having just broken the fast for the day I'm sort of celebrating the fact that we're now at the halfway mark of the fast in terms of the number of days the fast needs to be observed for this year. (It varies from 30 - 29 days each year depending on the length of the lunar month. This year is the slightly longer version.) My sense of celebration, by the way, is not based on any particular sense of achievement - rather a simple thankfulness that circumstances have allowed me to observe the fast when all it takes is illness or an accident to make it impossible to continue.

Also, though today is something of an exception, I'm pleased that I've found myself far less inclined this year to count off the days than in previous years. There was a time when doing so was something of an obsession, one I'm glad I seem to be growing out of.

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