Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out Of The Pink

Noi, poor girl, is coughing and spluttering and sneezing in a way that's painful to listen to and, therefore, must be far more painful to experience. Somehow I have contrived to escape the blight, for now at least, despite a distinct sense that my nose is hovering on the brink of springing several leaks. I'm intending to make Noi one of those soothing drinks that eases a cough in a minute or two and making one for myself simultaneously in an attempt to stave off what looks like the inevitable.

The thing is that I'm technically on vacation, despite having to go in to work every day - where I find myself fully occupied as ever - and this is exactly the time that traditionally I find a way of falling ill. Maybe just this once I'll avoid it, but the omens don't look good.

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