Sunday, June 7, 2015

Two Faces Of The Beautiful Game

Watched the Champions League final today, but not live. I don't get up in the middle of the night any more even for the Mighty Reds and, much as I admire Barca, I was happy to watch the replay of the final put out around mid-day, fortunately not knowing the result. Pleased that the Catalans won since they continue to play the right way. Can't think of a major final as open as this one for years. Even though in retrospect the Barca victory looked inevitable there were several moments in the second half when Juve could have gone into the lead, and I seriously reckon Pogba had a good call when he was hauled down in the box. 

Then in stark relief I caught BBC World showing the numbers in considerable detail on the corruption of the egregious Jack Warner, the all-too-human face of Fifa. (Blatter doesn't count since he's been beyond human for quite some time now.) Nice to know that ten million (the green stuff that South Africa sent the way of Trinidad & Tobago) can't just disappear but has been duly tracked to the various pockets - there are many - of Mr Warner in which it ended up. Where it obviously didn't end up was developing the beautiful game on T & T: a lot of youngsters robbed of something that would have and should have enhanced their lives.

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