Friday, June 26, 2015

Somewhere Else

9 Ramadhan 1436


Preparing for Friday Prayers - and how easy it is to do so when the mosque you are attending is just at the end of your street. Not to have to think about where to park, or what the traffic on the way is going to be like is a big plus plus in the sum of things. Last week it was lashing it down with rain and I got soaked on the way but it didn't add up to much given that home was always just around the corner.

Later in the afternoon, though, we'll be on the move to pastures new, with Mak's house in Melaka in sight for the weekend.


We're delaying the move south until we've broken the fast. Noi has, as usual, found lots of things to do to make sure all is shipshape before we move on and needs every minute to do those things in. No wonder visitors to the house here tend to say It looks so new, even though we've been resident for over ten years now.

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