Thursday, June 11, 2015

All Night Long

It wasn't difficult for me to deeply enjoy last night's slumbers, and I went back to sleep for a good three hours after the dawn prayer. But Noi had other things on her mind, which I realised when I discovered she hadn't been to bed at all upon my awaking for the prayer. She had intended to make some preparations for a lunch she was cooking for a group of ladies who came round for a prayer-reading in the middle of the day. But this turned into a full-scale all-nighter, allied to her cleaning of the house ahead of the visit. Amazingly she's been looking as sprightly as ever during the day, which also saw a rare visit from Mak whom Khir drove up from Melaka.

So it's been a spectacularly busy day for her whilst I have been excelling at doing almost nothing, except admiring from a distance.

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