Sunday, June 21, 2015

Still Passing Time

4 Ramadhan 1436


Had a splendid time at Sharifah & Hamzah's last night. Attended terawih prayers at a near-by surau in the evening. Very restful - though I did only the first eight raka'at, being a bit nervous about my back. No ill effects today though, so it's all good.

Something I can also say about the new curtains the Missus is hanging everywhere. Before marriage I never understood the importance of curtains. There's always something new to learn.

And speaking of something new, we're breaking the fast later at one of those Ramadhan buffets so ubiquitous here, at the Flamingo Hotel. Our neighbours Susan & Mike invited us along and we're only too happy to accompany them.


We dined splendidly this evening. Too much available to do justice to. Another way of learning restraint, I suppose, is not to over-indulge on such occasions, and I think we wisely managed that.

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