Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Period Of Adjustment

13 Ramadhan 1436

I think I began fasting with too strong a sense of complacency. For the first eleven days I wasn't going into work and I figured I would have an easy start to the month. I suppose I did, but even when you can relax in Ramadhan fasting is, by definition, not easy. Now I'm back at work and having to deal with the fact that when you are wide awake at 6.30 am there are an awful lot of hours stretching in front of you to deal with. No matter how familiar this situation is, it still comes as a mild but useful, salutary shock.

And, of course, the magical thing is that the body can adjust to the demands made on it, and feel better for them. The magic hasn't quite happened for me yet, though, but I'm coping in my own fashion.

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