Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Perfect Scone

A few minutes ago Noi announced that she's on a quest to bake the perfect scone. As quests go this seems to me about as noble and genuinely useful as one can get. The thing is, though, that I reckon she's already achieved perfection so there's really nowhere to go on this one. She cooked fifteen beauties this afternoon for tea, having invited round neighbours Susan and Mike and daughter Ashly to partake of these, plus a monstrously tasty mee rebus. We also managed to feed our gardener Devan, so there're just four remaining, though I doubt these will last much longer since there's plenty of time left for an evening snack.

I'm not intending to let on about having already achieved perfection, by the way. It's good to let someone have something to aim for, even when they've already got there, especially when it entails more perfection coming my way.

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