Monday, June 8, 2015

Busy Doing Nothing

After a bit of a lie-in made the first of my biannual trips to my back doc this morning, accompanied by the Missus, now returned safe and sound from Melaka. A clean bill of health was declared with my lower back pronounced to be moving freely, despite the fact I was feeling a bit stiff from a trip to the gym yesterday, the first for a couple of weeks. Noi sagely observed that I always manage to suffer some kind of relapse as the holidays arrive.

Then it was off to Geylang with Fifi, Fafa and their Ibu for Noi whilst I waited back at the ranch, not really doing much of anything - though I did complete an answer scheme for a forthcoming examination paper and got a bit of reading done. Subsequently put on Havergal Brian's Gothic Symphony at a reasonably unreasonable volume and gloriously zonked out to the wall of sound. And once the troops returned it was time to catch some grub at Al Amaan's before driving them back to Woodlands.

I could easily get used to this kind of life.

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