Monday, June 22, 2015

In Moderation

5 Ramadhan 1436


This afternoon, like yesterday's, has been distinctly sultry in that tropical way that can really wear you down when fasting. Fortunately we didn't have to face much of it directly, just going out to the shops on the hill a couple of hours ago for needful supplies and, truth be told, we don't need so much.

A few stalls selling kueh for Ramadhan have been set up on the other side of the hill, just beyond where we used to take the kids swimming, once upon a time. Initially I think Noi was a bit disappointed that there weren't more of them, for variety's sake. But the lack of choice made things easier. Apart from anything else there was much less of a temptation to buy too much simply because the items on offer look so good, especially when you're fasting.

One of the great temptations of the month, I've noticed, is how easy it can be to feel entitled to over-indulge once you're allowed to - and there's an awful lot of time in which that is the case, despite outside appearances. Moderation in the midst of plenty is not easy, as the running dogs of capitalism are well aware, of course.


Poor Noi is sniffling away with a bad cold, and has been for the last couple of days. It's not a good way to be during Ramadhan, but doesn't stop her doing the needful. At this precise point in time that consists of preparing the main meal for the evening, though I think we're both pretty full just from what we ate to break the fast. Taking your time to eat during fasting month is a good way of reminding yourself you really don't need to eat so much.

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