Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trade Free Zone

Yesterday this little pop-up popped-up (as they do) whilst I was adding a bit to this Place. It told me I had a lot of readers and invited me to 'monetize' my efforts by giving parking space to the logos of various capitalist johnnies. I'm not entirely sure how many 'a lot' is, but I can't imagine it's that many for, as you will be aware Gentle Reader, this Place is intended for the cognoscenti and there aren't too many of them/us around.

So this is just to say, fear not a flood of logos, I remain untempted by all offers of filthy lucre.

Except anything in the region of 10,000 a month and above on a regular basis. For that I'd happily turn this Far Place over to whomever has the funds and is prepared to disperse them to my worthy cause. I should add that I reckon I'd be a dab hand at product placement - especially Coke Light (hint, hint) of which I have been known to imbibe immoderate amounts.

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