Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life Changing

Recently a couple of esteemed colleagues seemed to be trying to convince me to buy one of those i-phone thingumees. It appears that this particular device will change my life. This seems to me an extremely good reason for not getting one.

The idea that life has somehow improved for everyone over the last forty years strikes me as quite extraordinary. It's almost as ridiculous as the notion that schools have got better.


Joel Teo said...

In my frank opinion, any newfangled device will only change your life insofar as you allow it to. There's a difference though, I think, between improving and changing your life.

I do agree to some extent that technology improving one's life really is quite questionable. But changing it? Definitely. Just like how we embrace computers as a necessary part of our life as it pervades our society, we too will have to embrace the smartphone era as it reaches through every corner of our lives. There's a danger on the over-reliance on these devices but that can be said for almost everything anyway.

Besides, I think anything new is always worth looking at. I've always been enamoured with technological advances, often jumping onto devices that are still in their teething phases. There's a joy in exploring what something has to offer you, and you often realize that there is something you will like about it even if you didn't think so at first. One feature, for example, that I very much like and I think you'd probably appreciate once you get past the small-form factor is how many e-books you can cram on that tiny device. I have a vertiable library of them and I never have to worry of a lack of reading material whenever I'm anywhere.

Would I suggest you get one? Maybe. But I'd say give it a try and a chance at least. I'm sure any of your numerous students or colleagues would be glad to let you fiddle with it while you figure out if that's what you want out of a phone.

Brian Connor said...

These are words of great wisdom, young Joel. You have almost convinced me, against my better judgment. Almost.