Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things Past, Remembrance Of

It's ten years almost to the day when I embarked on my one and only full read through of Proust's In Search Of Lost Time. I had actually bought the edition I used, the Kilmartin translation, some fifteen or so years prior to that. Some things take a little while to get round to.

Just in case you're wondering (as I would be) how someone who struggles to remember what went on yesterday has such fabulous recall of what he was reading on 29 September 2001, the trick was that I just looked it up in the journal I kept for the period. I spent much of the entry for the day moaning to myself about what the Taleban were getting up to in Afghanistan - their 'religious police' lashing out with sticks at women like cattle, according to a report (reputable) I'd read. Some things don't really change.

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