Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Certain Good

Of all God's work I find myself most in doubt regarding man and the cockroach. (And by man I mean woman as well, though I think in general terms she's a distinct improvement.) This is rather unfair on cockroaches who get on with their little roach-bound lives with a vigour to be commended. Really it's just a prejudice on my part as I can't bear the little beggars - though the Missus deals with them with admirable aplomb, though not being able to touch cats. Go figure, as they say. But I don't think there's much of a prejudice regarding my own species. Not very nice on occasion, too many occasions, sadly.

Anyway I was thinking thoughts along the above lines this morning whilst waiting to make life unpleasant for a number of students who'd failed to do the needful for one of their teachers, when it occurred to me that you really have to give it to trees. At that time I was contemplating a row of them opposite me, and I really could have contemplated them the rest of the morning; they were so, well, right somehow; so utterly themselves, doing no one any harm, and my eyes a great deal of good.

It must have been a temptation for the Almighty to have stopped the whole shebang of creation on arriving at trees. But I'm glad it all carried on since otherwise I'd never have had the chance to gaze at them.

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