Monday, February 19, 2018


Found ourselves a bit lost but mostly found in the centre of Melaka in the afternoon. We were attempting to let those good people at Astro know of a change of credit card number, which means we’ve not paid any bills so far this year. Fortunately they’ve not cut off our service. Unfortunately they seem to want to make it as difficult as possible to actually pay them, being reluctant to accept my trusty credit card, despite it, in a previous incarnation, having provided them the necessary shekels for a number of years. Somehow we managed to give them the money they so richly deserve, though a trip to a small 7-Eleven store was necessary to actually get the cash into their hands.

But aside from this adventure we found ourselves loosely exploring Noi’s sort of hometown, which has changed considerably from the days we frequented Mahkota Parade on a regular basis. There are a lot more shops now, but that seems to be an inevitable feature of modernity. On the whole I’d say it’s a cheerful sort of place, despite the commerce. And I even managed to post today's update from there, using my phone. In itself, a bit of a first.

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