Friday, February 16, 2018

Dropping In

Now resident at Maison KL for Chinese New Year we managed to drop in on two of our neighbours on the first day of the festival and got treated to some splendid festive goodies in the process. Reports on events at our Taman from Susan & Mike and Mr Lian were essentially positive with membership of the association for the residents here picking up. We also got some background on our animal neighbours. It seems that wild deer have been spotted on the hillside nearby. Hooray.

To be honest we were not exactly delighted to find a heap of animal droppings on our balcony on arrival, which we initially ascribed to the monkey, or one of his simian chums, who'd so nonchalantly climbed up there when we were last here. Mike suggested that the more likely culprit was musang and after Susan & Mike described the smell said musang leave behind once they've been up on your roof I'm inclined to agree. When we arrived here late last night there was a strong, though not unpleasant, odour in our bedroom. I thought it might have something to do with a glade air-freshener we'd installed in the attached bathroom, but it sounded just like the smell left behind by a musang as described by our neighbours.

This doesn't make us any happier about the droppings, I'm afraid. One of life's great lessons: Neighbours who regard your balcony as a toilet are not to be encouraged. (As opposed to neighbours who have endless supplies of biscuits and goodies and are ever so ready to share them at CNY.)

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