Wednesday, February 7, 2018

An Odd Encounter

Very strange. I'm walking into one of the offices at work to talk to a colleague and as I enter a young lady, I'd guess around twenty years old, is coming in the opposite direction. She is dressed in civilian clothes, so not one of our students, as far as I can tell. I don't recognise her at all. Seeing me she looks stunned. There's an awkward pause as our paths almost cross and I pull back to open the door for her to exit. She says, quite loudly, and very distinctly, Oh my God!

I'm half-tempted to reply, No, it's just me, but something tells me this is not a time for witty repartee. She then moves at high speed through the door I'm holding open for her and disappears into the distance with no further comment.

Gentle Reader, I need to tell you that the tone in which she uttered her brief observation was not one of admiration or happiness at my appearance, but expressive of very clear shock and horror. As I said, very strange. And really quite funny.

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