Tuesday, February 20, 2018


We've spent the last two nights in Melaka, travelling down on Sunday evening when we able to admire the vast amount of traffic flooding into the Malaysian capital at the end of the Chinese New Year weekend whilst we were able to drive unhindered south. We're hoping for similarly unencumbered roads later today when we travel even further south to our usual Far Place.

I decided to switch things round a bit from our usual practice when resident at Mak's house. Bearing in mind the aches and pains manifesting in my back the last time we were here at the New Year, I opted to kip on the floor, hoping a hard surface would give my spine the necessary support that a soft bed just doesn't. It seems to have worked. Although I found myself aching considerably doing the Dawn Prayer, later in the day I've felt reasonably normal - a very happy place to be indeed.

This all serves as a reminder that I'm not exactly a stranger to sleeping on floors. I spent a fair amount of time at university and the years immediately following finding ways of getting comfortable on a hard surface. It's a skill well worth practising.

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