Sunday, February 18, 2018

Children's Voices

Noi and I have been trying to think back to the last time Maison KL echoed to the sound of children's play and clatter and chatter. Looking at Fifi, Fafa & Ayu now it's difficult to place them as the little girls who entertained us with their Abba-themed concerts so long ago. In fact, we met up with Fuad and family yesterday evening at KLCC and it was entertaining to watch the very grown-up Fifi & Fafa dealing with Rozaidah's children - the triple A of Afnan, Akmar & Aishah - who were also noisily, ever so, in attendance.

Triple A & their poor parents came to stay the night, the catalyst for Noi and I thinking back to less peaceful pasts. What strange joy is it that kids find in running pointlessly around in large circles? Whatever it is, we could all do with some of it.

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