Sunday, February 25, 2018


Saw Osman this morning. We were able to enjoy a cuppa with Rohana & Man ahead of his admission to NUH for another round of chemotherapy. He remains in amazingly good spirits. Funnily enough I'd been talking about how just how positive he is last night to Boon & Mei over dinner. They'd asked me about Maureen's health and I was attempting to describe the strange sense of hopelessness that seems to wrap itself around her. We were all aware of the dangers of being inappropriately and harshly judgemental in the face of depression and addiction and I'm not at all sure I really avoided that trap. But comparing the different attitudes involved in these cases came from a desire to try and understand the range of human reactions to adversity.

That range is bewilderingly wide. I know which side I'd like to think I'd find myself on in a test - but I also know I'm not at all sure which way things would drop for me.

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