Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Nightmare Of History

Just read this in my journal from February 2003:

A war against Iraq looks imminent. I am genuinely baffled by the logic of this, or lack of logic. It seems so clear that the U.S. is acting out of bad faith. I heard a touching item on the World Service: Rageh Omar, the BBC's correspondent in Baghdad saying he had never in six years in Iraq faced any problems over being British; then talking to some young Iraqis playing football who were keen on naming players from the Premier League and predicting who would win the championship. They bore no animosity to the British people though they hated the British Government. I wonder how many of those youngsters might lose their lives in the next few months?

I can actually recall listening to the programme I referred to back then. Wonder how many of the young men who lived through the invasion might have been drawn into ISIS and their like?

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