Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pure Luck

Noi discovered a new channel a while back on cable called HGTV. I think HG might stand for House & Gardens since every programme seems to be about buying or renovating houses and the like. The Missus has always enjoyed anything along these lines featuring on the goggle-box and I don't mind having a look at how other folks live. In fact, I've learnt to admire the skills of those who know a thing or two about interior decorating and the like and can oooh and aaah with the best of them when it comes to the 'reveal' as they seem to say these days.

But apart from admiring the wherewithal of those who really know how to make houses look good I can't help but notice the astonishing choosiness of many of those who feature on these programmes as being on the receiving end of the expertise involved. It's clear that they genuinely feel deserving of whatever and wherever they end up being lucky enough to inhabit. Just now one of the hosts involved said to a couple in all sincerity You deserve this space, and they clearly agreed. Wonder what it was they'd done to take such luck for granted?

At one time I might have felt envious of their good fortune. Now I just enjoy it vicariously, and get on with relishing my own lucky life.

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