Monday, May 25, 2015

Just Five Minutes

Pleased to report that the Missus and I have been keeping up the exercise regime. We don't have regular days set aside, but we've carved out a reasonable two or three sessions a week since starting at the beginning of March. Actually I suspect that Noi is a bit of natural at this sort of thing, although I don't think she realises it. She can take half an hour on the treadmill in her stride (pun intended) when I rather think it would be well beyond many of her contemporaries, and this despite her never really doing any 'sport' as an adult.

I'm fairly satisfied with my own progress - in fact, delighted I haven't suffered any kind of back injury so far. But I can't help but notice that the addition of an extra five minutes to my usual thirty of cardiovascular exertion feels like I'm doubling the standard amount. Gosh, five minutes seems like a very long time when you're running on empty, as I discovered to my chagrin yesterday evening. Now in recovery.

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