Monday, May 4, 2015

Election Fever

Frankly I don't feel remotely feverish about the British General Election, but I do know a good deal more about this one than any other since 1988 because you really can't get away from it on Sky News and that's basically our default channel for current affairs these days. The various politicos have left me possibly more unimpressed than I've ever been with regard to their characters and abilities in any previous election, but that may not be their collective fault. I'm older and, very arguably, wiser than ever and my sense of seeing right through it all is inescapably acute. Mr Cameron's faux pas about this being a career-defining election sort of summed it all up for me. Plus, I can't shake off the cynicism engendered through the various expenses scandals certain legislators have put themselves and the public through of late, and I really don't want to get into my doubts about the establishment in the light of child abuse allegations and the like. 

What I am finding interesting is the strong possibility that Britain may move into coalition politics wholesale, as it were, if it's to remain governable. I've always been sympathetic to the notion of some form of proportional representation and it seems to me that we're seeing a move, possibly, to the next best thing. Doing deals with others, compromising on one's vision, I see as the mark of the civilised man (and woman, let me hastily add.) I'd do a deal with the devil all sorts of not-very-nice people if I thought it might help my fellow-man (and the ladies, of course) to some sort of better life. But, then, I suppose that's why I'd never get elected since I wouldn't be afraid of saying that to anyone who'd listen.

And, no, I'm not going back to vote, before you ask.

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