Saturday, May 23, 2015

Anti Social

Popped down to Arab Street and environs after clearing my target for IB exam marking today. The Missus and I enjoyed two cups of tea in separate eateries and I spent a fruitful few minutes in the lovely Wardah Books which continues to offer a fascinating range of material, mainly, but not exclusively, Islamic - all thought-provoking. Somehow managed not to buy anything manifesting magnificent self-control. So why 'fruitful' you may ask? In respect to the happy engendering of ideas, I reply.

Then it was back to the ranch, to munch on the murtabak we picked up and to the cheerful sight of precisely no messages on my not-terribly-trusty non-smart old Nokia phone. Somehow the thought of no one feeling the need to disturb my weekend was immensely consoling. Not that it lasted - but what the heck, it was good while it did.

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