Thursday, May 7, 2015


I think it's reasonably fair to regard this Far Place as a sleep-deprived society. On a personal level I'm in that period of time when I feel lucky to get a clear six hours in a night, and find myself settling all too often for four or thereabouts. But at my age who really cares? One learns to get by. However, I was more than a little perturbed today when I did a quick check with one of my classes and found the average for them - at seventeen or eighteen - is just five to five and a half hours. And, trust me, this is not because they're up all night partying or playing computer games.

I can't imagine this is doing much for their developing brains (assuming they are still developing at that age. Must check.) I get the impression they are able to catch up on much needed zzzzzzs in the holidays, but still...

Neat and troubling irony: in a land of plenty, deprivation of the deepest kind.

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