Friday, January 20, 2012

OnThe Road


Now roughly mid-way through a journey north to Maison KL. Sitting outside Rachid's ARAB cafe at the Ayer Keroh rest-stop enjoying a jolly nice cup of teh tarik and his famous toasted bread.


I was feeling quite pleased with myself back at Ayer Keroh, thinking we'd made smooth progress, but that was before hitting the capital itself. Up to the toll at Sungai Besi it remained an unexceptional journey, and then we hit a swamp of tail lights as KL turned into its own traffic jam. The last 40 km across the city took more than two hours involving a number of exciting situations - and we're not quite home yet. We're now in the cafe at Wangsa Maju and I'm imbibing a restoring cuppa.

The most darkly ironic moment of our little quest occurred just fifteen minutes ago when having finally got to the road running round the back of our Bukit we were very surprised to find yet another jam. In general we'd been puzzled as to what exactly had brought out all the cars late on a Friday when it's not yet Chinese New Year's eve, though I suppose we're seeing part of the exodus from city to kampong that's a feature of life here. But this road is usually clear and doesn't lead anywhere obviously significant enough to deserve a jam. The answer became apparent when we reached the completely pointless police roadblock cleverly installed to add to the mayhem on the roads. And this after not seeing a single copper doing anything about the chaos at any number of junctions along our way.

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