Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Print

Pleased to read in today's paper that Alfian Sa'at is publishing a new collection of fiction soon. Slightly disappointed it's not a new collection of poems though. Despite all he's done as a dramatist and short story writer, I feel that's where his gift is most telling, and I mean 'gift'. I don't pretend to be any great judge of these things, but I know what I like and there's no poet here I've liked more than this young man. On his day, and he's had quite a few of them, more than capable of making the sparks fly.


Also pleased to notice, when I'd read a bit more of the Life section, that Shooshie's Photo Gambar installation at Art Stage, the piece that Noi's sister Rozana was involved in, got a more than honourable mention in a retrospective column on the fair. Finally proof that a reviewer for Life has got good taste.

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