Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bright Side

So there I was thinking the day had been distinctly ropey overall and quite disastrous in patches when I thought of those motivational chappies and how you should always seek to unravel the old silver lining from the louring clouds of discontent. Or something like that.

Which led me to consider what might be reasonably regarded as the highlight of the day. And I immediately had the answer! How could I fail on a day when the Missus had cooked up a stash of her cranberry muffins - the mini ones that fit so conveniently into their nifty cups, and the mouth?

So there you have it: living proof of the power of positive thinking. Or cranberry muffins. Whichever.


Trebuchet said...

Ooh. I love cranberry muffins. Sometimes, adding a dash of orange or lemon zest to the mixture improves the flavour. Sometimes, not. :)

Brian Connor said...

I'll pass the tip to the Missus - but it's difficult to imagine any improvement on her current (or, rather, cranberry) output. Ouch.