Sunday, January 15, 2012

And Still Going


We're off to the musical Wicked at Marina Bay Sands in a few minutes, and then it's on to Art Stage Singapore at the same place. Fifi and Fafa accompanying - but they're not out of bed yet. The day is young.


The day has aged, and so, inevitably, have I.

Wicked was highly enjoyable: excellent staging, excellent performances - especially the two leads. I didn't know too much about it as a show before today, and it sort of met my expectations, being tuneful, clever and well thought through as a piece. Felt the ending didn't quite work though, and my companions were in agreement on this. It wasn't that we felt there was anything terribly wrong, and I quite liked the notion of a somewhat downbeat conclusion, but the reasons for the wicked witch character and scarecrow not being able to remain in Oz with Glinda the Good were not all that obvious, though you could figure something logical out, and I felt they needed to feel obvious, nay inevitable, for it really to work.

Noi also felt it was all a bit for teenagers, though not in a harsh way. I knew what she meant. The songs were ripe for the Glee treatment. Not that's there's anything awfully wrong about that. But Sondheim it wasn't.

The art fair also felt very young. And I liked that enormously. Buzzing with energy. Brash. Inventive. Often in-your-face. Asked lots of questions about art without giving any answers. And that suits me.

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