Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well Documented

Felt a strong sense of relief today at the arrival of a new passport from the UK. My old one hadn't expired, I'd simply run out of pages, almost, and since I'm off to Beijing in early November, accompanying a class on an educational tour (whatever that is), and it's possible the Chinese authorities will require a full page for a visa, I thought I'd better get something with the necessary room. The problem is though that due to cost-cutting exercises on behalf of Her Majesty's government as it manifests itself abroad, you can no longer renew your passport over here.

It felt strange sending off the old one to Hong Kong (why the new one then had to come back from the UK remains a mystery to me) and being passport-less for a month. No impulse visits to Malaysia, as a result. A sense of not being quite complete.

And now I have a new number to remember: a sort of bureaucratic rebirth. Certainly the old man in the picture looks nothing like me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Connor,
An ex student here.
Been reading your blog for quite a few months. Just wanted to drop you a note to say I enjoy reading it

Brian Connor said...

Pleased that you enjoy reading this, and thanks for letting me know that. I enjoy writing it!