Monday, October 10, 2011


Caught a little bit of Nowhere Boy in the mid-afternoon, a movie about the boyhood of John Lennon. I read some good reviews of it back in England in December, but had thought there wasn't much chance of it surfacing over here. The bit I saw validated the positive reviews - strong evocation of the period and a great performance from the young man in the lead. Not trying to do an imitation but getting something of the essence of the great man and not-so-pleasant youth, the two being inseparable. (Useful for teachers to watch the film, if only for that reason.)

Later the evening (Sky) news gave quite a bit of coverage to the wedding of Sir Paul. It was almost impossible to close the gap between our remarkably youthful looking elder statesman of rock 'n' roll and his incarnation as a teenager, already getting the measure of young Johnny. But let's be happy the world has provided room for both of them - the two Pauls, that is.

As for the fact that John and Paul came together in the long lost world of Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, well that goes into territory beyond any normal sense of mere thankfulness.

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