Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not So Equal

On the way to watch the game yesterday evening we got behind a lorry/van carrying some workers. Not sure if it would have been to or from work at that time. Hope they were on their way home for a rest since conditions on, or rather in, the vehicle couldn't have been conducive to preparing for a stretch of hard labour. (I'm assuming that's what the inmates would have been in for, or returning from, and I don't think I'm wrong.)

Inmates is the right word. We were able to see three or four of the guys gazing out of two smallish windows/openings covered with bars at the bottom end of the closed-in covering of the van. Caged. I asked Noi whether she thought they had a fan in there but she thought this unlikely. We looked for signs of decent ventilation as we came alongside the vehicle. There weren't any.

My guess is that none of the guys on-board would have thought there was anything to really complain about. They'll consider themselves fortunate to have found work here. So that makes it okay to treat people like animals, I suppose. Nothing exceptionable here.

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