Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Overly Comfortable

About half an hour before I was due to set off for prayers the heavens opened and, unfortunately, forgot to close, at least until prayers were over. Thus I found myself making my way across the open car park to get in through the back entrance of the mosque in a considerable downpour. Of course, I had my brolly with me, but with the winds gusting around, this did not afford much protection for my lower legs.

Thus I had to sit in thoroughly sodden trousers, at least for the lower part of the old limbs, throughout the proceedings. Ugh. Fortunately the brolly was still where I left it on the way out, and the rain had abated somewhat by the end of prayers, so the way back to work wasn't quite so bad. And I'd almost dried off for my afternoon meeting. But generally the experience was not to be recommended.

Oddly though, living in a place that has its fair share of sudden storms I can't remember an experience quite as wet and since I survived this one with little more than some unpleasant irritation that's not a bad record all told.

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