Tuesday, October 4, 2011

(Not) The Last Mall

We spent the late afternoon familiarising ourselves with the new mall at Clementi. (Actually I don't think it's all that new, but that's how Noi refers to it. New to us, I suppose.) This has the supreme virtue amongst malls of appearing to be exactly the same as all the others. It's extremely comforting I find to always be surrounded by the same shops, from which I wish to buy precisely nothing. (Honourable exception: a cup of tea with a little something.) I worry that one day I'll discover some interesting shops in a mall and have to do some genuine thinking.

The newer malls here, by the way, generally have no bookshops or CD stores - except for a place called Popular which is to the world of books what the Tea Party is to consensual, sane politics in the US of A.

I'm old enough, of course, to remember a world without malls. In fact, I distinctly remember the excitement, when I was a little lad, of something called a supermarket being about to open just down the road, proving modernity had arrived. Which, sadly, it had.

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