Friday, October 7, 2011

More Than Merely Padding

In a brief conversation with a younger colleague last week I found myself asking him about the usefulness of the iPad he carried around with him. Other than using it as an e-reader (which he didn't, not really), what was it good for? Eyes glinting he told me it meant he could, Stay connected. When I informed him that I spend a good deal effort ensuring I am disconnected I felt quite sad to witness the emotional disturbance such an heretical notion obviously evoked. So at that point in time I found myself not quite so keen to acquire one of these devices. (Not that I've managed to achieve actual keenness as yet - more of a mild interest.)

However, in recent days I've found myself that little bit keener. First of all as a result of the deployment of said device at Wednesday night's concert. The idea of making all sorts of strange noises with one appeals. And secondly finding out that Tom Phillips's masterpiece A Humument is going to be available through a special 'app' (as I believe they are known) come November. Double Yowza!

(I'd suggest any reader who doesn't know what A Humument is should click on the link I've so thoughtfully provided, to witness something transformatory in the truest sense of that word.)

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