Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Starting Over

I got myself to the gym last night for the first time since before Ramadhan began. I'd had the intention of getting myself there in the early days of fasting month, prior to leaving for KL, and as soon as we got back to Hall, but the muscles in my back and legs had other ideas. I wasn't all that sure about resuming business last night, in truth, having felt some strain after starting work on Monday, but I figured I had to get back in harness some time, and would probably always feel a certain vulnerability, which only regular exercise is likely to assuage.

I must confess, I struggled more than somewhat, coming close to giving up for the last ten minutes of my scheduled forty-five. Somehow - probably by going very slowly - I kept going, but it was painful to realise just how much general fitness I've lost in a month and a half or so. But just to be sweating hard again was a kind of reward. At least my body lets itself be used in this way. One day that isn't likely to be the case any more, so I'll seek to enjoy the experience whilst I'm still sort of able.

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