Monday, June 11, 2018

Keeping Watch

26 Ramadhan, 1439

Woke to the not-so-good-news that Mak was being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital at Alor Gajah. Her breathing was laboured and she's been assessed since as having water in her lungs and an enlarged heart, due, I think, to water retention. We'll be changing our plans and going to Melaka a bit earlier than intended in order to see her. It seems she's conscious and chatting away, so this isn't, we hope, as much of an emergency as the one after last year's Hari Raya which saw her in the same place under more desperate circumstances. I take it she's being kept in the ICU under observation as things stand, though I'm not at all sure of how things work in the system here.

In some ways being in hospital over Eid might prove a more restful experience than being at home for the big day - but I doubt that Mak will see it that way. Hoping for the best.

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