Sunday, June 3, 2018

In & Around

18 Ramadhan, 1439

The Missus continues to astonish with her ability to get so much done despite the demands of fasting. We are splendidly awash with biscuits and various curtains and covers keep disappearing only to resurface looking even more spick & span than is usual. Since we're off to KL soon she's racing against the clock to get all in order.

I've made my usual effort to contribute to proceedings by getting all the bookshelves here cleaned over the last couple of days, along with a couple of shoe racks this time round. It's a timely reminder that the more you accumulate the more there is to look after. So far this year I haven't purchased any books at all, having decided to seriously address the reading of one or two items on the shelves that have never received the all-out attention they deserve. I'm rather pleased with myself for the new-found restraint, but do wonder how long it will last.

Tomorrow I'm intending to pop into work for a couple of hours to do a bit of spring-cleaning around my desk. I'm not sure why this kind of thing makes me feel virtuous, but I'll settle for the fact it does; if nothing else it helps to keep the chaos at bay.

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