Friday, June 29, 2018

Something Special

People used to ask me if there was anything I missed about life in England. My stock reply was a simple no, though obviously there were people I missed. Funnily enough nobody ever bothers ask me the question these days, yet now I can readily identify one or two aspects of life as I led it up to the age of thirty-three that I do miss, though generally not in a yearning manner.

Chief amongst these is the greater frequency of exposure to live music available in the land of my birth. Today I was keenly reminded of this when I came across a video on youtube of one of my favourite bands performing at Glastonbury back in 2009. And I must admit I experienced a distinct sense of yearning to have really been there. Especially when Ms Amy Winehouse joined them on stage.

In an alternative universe somewhere beyond (where alternative universes tend to be) she lives on, having become a full-time Special, and every summer they make the glorious music of the spheres.

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