Monday, January 15, 2018

Very Hard Going

I somehow got to the end of the first volume of the two volume Penguin edition of Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. It doesn't get any better, I'm afraid, not for this reader that is. Books 8 and 9, just completed, have chiefly concerned Sir Tristram de Liones and I'd be hard pressed to recall what he's actually done, other than defeated an awful lot of other knights, usually killing them in the process. I've just started Book 10, in the second volume, and he's still at it.

I'm seriously considering taking a break and reading a couple of novels or something before continuing. Let's face it, I won't lose track of the plot or lose touch with any subtleties of characterisation because there aren't any.

On the bright side, reading my Collected Poems of Derek Walcott is always rewarding, even when the poems are difficult (as they often are.) Just finished The Spoiler's Return a wonderfully satirical piece in glorious rhyming (and off-rhyming) couplets in which the Nobel laureate skewers one V.S. Nightfall among less elevated targets. Hilarious and bilious in equal measures - a combination that guarantees readability.

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