Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2 Reasons To Be Cheerful

Went to visit Osman this evening and he was looking a good deal better than a week ago. The treatment of his shoulder is going well and it looks like he'll resume chemo after another week or so. I suppose the purpose of our visit was to cheer him up, but since he's so cheerful and positive the effect of a couple of hours in his company is to make me feel a whole lot better about just about everything.

Was also very pleased to get to the gym late in the afternoon and not do myself too much harm. My back still feels vulnerable. I even got a slight twinge this morning doing the prayer and I was comfortably seated at the time. (In Islam you're allowed to pray seated if it's difficult to carry out the prayer in the usual fashion.) So I was slightly doubtful about getting back to the gym. But I also have an instinctive sense that exercising the muscles is the way to go when problems present themselves; being over-protective doesn't seem to pay off, just resulting in an even greater sense of weakness and incapacity. Anyway, I took a chance, but also took it reasonably easy, not seeking to perform at anything close to my pre-Istanbul levels. So far it seems to be a case of so good, and that's very fine indeed by me.

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